Miami-Broward Carnival 2023

Marketed by Ramajay International | Designed by Rawle Permanand


Legendary fictional Persian queen known as one of history’s greatest storytellers. After enduring heartbreak from a cheating wife, the Sultan decides to take a new wife every day and have her executed the next morning. But it all stops with Scheherazade, his young new bride who vows to save all future young women from this fate. She tells the Sultan fascinating stories, leaving him in such suspense each night that he can't execute her the next morning for fear of not hearing the end of the story. After 1,001 nights of these well-told tales, the Sultan relents, realizing he is in love with the witty Queen Scheherazade.

Premium Frontline: $1575 - Choice of Wire Bra & Panty OR Monokini

Frontline: Wire Bra & Panty: $775 | Add-Ons: Medium Backpack: $350

Backline: Regular Bra & Panty: $625
Add-ons: Monokini: $55 | Small Backpack: $250 | Medium Backpack: $350

Male: $550
Add-ons: Headpiece: $225 | Backpack: $555