Miami-Broward Carnival 2023

Marketed by Massive Productions | Designed by Rawle Permanand


In the midst of the grueling climate of the Sahara Desert is a flowing river called the Nile. A representation of prosperity & blessings, the River Nile is regarded as a gift from God. Said to be the longest river in the world, the River Nile spans south to north through East Africa into the Mediterranean Sea. As it flows through 11 African countries the River Nile is known as “the flow of life” in the Sahara.

Premium Frontline: $1575 - Choice of Wire Bra & Panty or Monokini

Frontline: Wire Bra & Panty: $850 | Available Add-ons: Medium Feathered Backpack: $350

Backline: Regular Bra & Panty: $625
Available Add-ons: Upper Leg Piece: $65 | Decorated Monokini: $50 | Medium Feathered Backpack: $350

Male: $450
Available Add-ons: Feathered Headpiece: $250 | Large Backpack: $500